Our lives became a little [EXTRA] special on February 15, 2011 in a way we never expected.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Return of the Writer: The Pre-School Diaries (To Mom's with Infants with DS)

I realized today that it has been nearly 9 months since I have written. How is that even possible?!?! Life sometimes happens and gets in the way of me carving out time to organize my thoughts via the written word. And that's OK.

But today is special. So I figured it was as good a time as any to revive my Blog.

Why is today special? Because today...today, Wyatt started pre-school.

I heard a news story this morning that said more parents cry on the first day of school than kids. And today, this was 100% accurate! I cried last night packing Wyatt's backpack. I cried looking at all the FB posts of my other [EXTRA]ordinary friends' kids going to school. I cried looking at pictures of my little guy sent to me by my Mom, because I could not take him myself today.

As much as I prepared for this day, the day itself was both uneventful and amazing. From prior IEP and teacher meetings, to the sign language PDFs and the 'All About Wyatt' documents I sent and the multiple phone calls with his teacher...today ended up being just another typical day in the life of a pre-schooler. He was swept up by his teacher, and led into class to start the day.


We are so fortunate to be in a school that (for the most part) includes kids with disabilities in the general education pre-school/kindergarten class. We participate in a Montessori school that was recommended by been-there-done-that Ds Mamas.

As the day forged on, I realized that this wasn't a culmination of the summer prep that I did, but rather the amazing result of the MAIN GOAL we have been working towards since Wyatt's birth. Whoa! We have worked hard to get him to this day! Some days, I wanted to give up or thought it wasnt worth all the therapy. I'm glad I (mostly) ignored those thoughts!

And so I say to all those Moms out there with new babies or infants who are working their proverbial arses off in therapy to get their kids to school...listen here: IT IS ALL WORTH IT!

There are days, weeks...and maybe even months where you will second guess, doubt and question yourself as to whether or not this or that is working. Question if you are doing too much or too little. Question if you are teaching the "right thing" or if you should just give it all up for a moment.

I'm here to tell you...KEEP GOING because you WILL see the fruits of your labor!

My Wyatt went to school today and worked LIKE A BOSS (thanks, Crossroads Church). I know we will likely have a few hills, and maybe mountains, ahead of us. But today was golden...He was following directions, working hard and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with his peers.

There is a small group of people that worked [EXTRA]ordinarily hard to make this happen (I already called you out on FB) and also a HUGE group of [EXTRA]ordinary friends who have lent support emotionally, strategically and have more than once talked me off my own ledge. I can never repay these people. But I am eternally gratefull for all they have done. Today is a success.