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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kindergarten: Chapter One

We did it. 

We started Kindergarten. Although we are in a school where K and Pre-K are in the same room so he didn't have a very big transition (same teacher, too)...but the full day has really put a strain on him. It's been a rather successful few weeks all things considered. 

But it's an uphill battle sometimes. We are starting to see some intermittent behaviors rising up in Wyatt. In many ways it's completely developmentally appropriate for Wyatt to be finding his voice, having his opinions and his likes and dislikes. It's just that sometimes those "feelings" are shared through grunts and screams rather than actual words. He's quite capable of using words to say he's happy or mad, or even ask for something he wants ("watch iPad, Monnie") is quite clear). But when he's frustrated, he bypasses that and sometimes goes straight to pouting. He shook his fists at me and stomped his foot the other day and it was so adorable that it took all my power not to laugh. 

But, let me tell you...the BUCK. STOPS. HERE. Well, at least we are trying to stop it. It's so very important with our kiddos that when you see these kinds of behaviors arise, there is a quick plan in place to address them AND guide them. If we let this grunting and yelling go on too long, we might be staring at a 15 year old throwing an epic tantrum wondering what in tarnation happened. Maybe it's my incessant want for Wyatt to be successful, or my current fear that he's going to do something that will get him an invitation straight into a "different" kind of classroom (yes, I worry about everything ahead of schedule...working on that) at school. However, the crux of it is that I want him to be able to be that awesome, independent kid who has likes and dislikes and is able to voice his opinions and preferences. We are THRILLED that he has a "voice" and we want to foster that the correct way. Wyatt just may need a little more guidance and structure to get there. 

So BRING IT, Kindergarten. We are ready!