Our lives became a little [EXTRA] special on February 15, 2011 in a way we never expected.

This is about our journey and the [EXTRA]ordinary people we meet along the way.

Monday, July 30, 2012


This past week has been a flurry of getting our house put back together after it being ignored for the three years I was in graduate school. It's been crazy. I have laundry up to my EARS. One big thing on my to-do list, along with cleaning and organizing, purging and planning, was to finally get Wyatt into his own room. He has been sleeping in our bedroom since he was born.

After his birth, we started to build his room. Literally. It was concrete floors with no walls as it was the unfinished part of our basement. We contracted out what we could and did some of it ourselves. The last part to finish was to put on a final coat of paint on the walls and paint the baseboards. It sat like that for months until this week. We still need carpet, but finances ruled and we decided to wait a few months to do that until my paychecks are regular again. So we pulled together carpet swatches from our old carpet, from my Mom and from Josh's sister to cover exposed concrete. I was so excited when it was pulled together enough to dis-assemble, the re-assemble his crib into his room. This is his second night there and he's doing great!

I thought that would be the big excitement for the week. But as I was painting and organizing, something else happened. Wyatt decided to crawl. I mean REALLY CRAWL! Up until now he has been army crawling for about 4 months. He is a fast little bugger doing it, too. He has not, however, four-point crawled. But a few weeks ago, I has him in the grass in our front yard and he did this funny little four-point crawl. I was so excited. So I started having him practice. But he would do it for a few rotations then stop and drop to the army position. He would NOT do it inside on the regular floor, though. Hmmph... I tried to mimic and model it for him. With Eden by my side we would crawl around on all fours in our living room trying to get him to do it. I'm sure we looked ridiculous. He would just laugh. Then army crawl. Grrrrr.

Then this week, it happened! He leaned over, on all fours and crawled right in the living room. He is now doing it all across our living room and was even nice enough to demonstrate it for our fantastic Physical Therapist today. It's a great feeling to see him crawling around on the floor like a big boy.

We had the DSAGC Family Picnic this week, too. And while I was there, I was talking to some [EXTRA]ordinary friends of mine, Stephanie and John. They also have a boy with Down syndrome who is 7 months old. Stephanie said that she tought we worry too much about when things would happen. John also chimed in. He said, "you know, we focus on that too much sometimes. I mean, I've never been to a job interview where they've asked me 'what age did you start crawling? Or when did you first roll over?'"


 I agree. sometimes we over do it and worry about when our kids are going to do things. Then they start doing things when we least expect it. Yes, we need to encourage our children with therapy and a little extra attention sometimes, but mostly, we just need to let them guide their own path.

This week, I was excited about his room, but Wyatt had a special surprise in mind for us instead!

Here is Wyatt doing his four point crawling in the grass. I have yet to get it on video inside. (Hope you can see it! My computer needs major updating!)