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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Therathoughts - Start here

Therapy can be overwhelming. One of the best pieces of advice I have been given by another [EXTRA]ordinary Mom is to try and work it into your everyday life. Sometimes that can be done and other times, you have to be a little bit more purposeful in incorporating your therapy. In this section, I want to offer some of the ways I work on encorporating therapy in our everday lives and also how I make time for the more purposeful therapy. These are my Therathoughts!

Before I start adding my Therathoughts, I'll review our therapy plan. Right now, Wyatt receives Physical and Speech therapy through Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Medical Center. He gets a unique style of dual therapy in the same hour, where both the PT and the SLP are working with him at the same time. It's worked well for us thus far (and we will continue with this plan until it doesn't work well for us). He also see an Early Interventionist (read: early childhood teacher) once a month. So really, there is nothing too over the top or challenging with our schedule. No more than that of a typical child's crazy sports schedule or extra-curricular activity schedule. It's just that we started all this before he was one year old...not school aged.

Finally, I also want YOU to share your therathoughts! We are always looking at new ideas and ways to work on certian skills. So, please feel free to add in your ideas and tips on any one of the blog entries here. You may be helping another [EXTRA]ordinary Mom who is struggling with finding the right therapy modification or itdea for their child!

Thanks and I hope you find this useful!

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