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Thursday, October 3, 2013

THE Moment: Oct. is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October is Down syndrome awareness month. Many people are blogging daily this month and I applaud their efforts! I, however, am not in that place (time-wise) where I can do that. Additionally, I have sorely ignored my Blog for a few months now. But I do have something to offer about Down syndrome awareness.

There are so many things that I could address here, but I'm going to choose just one: THE moment.

What is that moment? Well, technically there are many of these moments. What I want you to be aware of now is that there is a moment I experience over and over and over again. The moment is surreal and grounded at the same time. The moment is earthly present and heavenly. The moment is fleeting and forever.

The moment is the time when I know, without a doubt, that Wyatt was perfectly and wonderfully made to be my child, just as he is. That moment is where I drink in his perfection and wonderfulness and forget about all the therapy, what the world thinks perfection is, what others say about his possible future and all the other negative things people can say. And, in that moment, in these many recurring moments, all is right with the world.

This moment happens almost daily. It often occurs when I'm putting Wyatt to bed and I give him one last hug and kiss before bed. It is the moment where I embrace him with all that I have and he embraces me, putting his sweet, chubby cheek right next to mine. He smells of a fresh bath and clean jammies. His room illuminated by the stars on the ceiling from his dream light. The hum of his fan quietly expelling a soothing hum. Then, I tell him how much I love him and I know, like I have never known anything before, that he was meant to be ours. I know that I don't care about anything else right now other than being right there. I know that the connection and relationship we have is greater than anything I ever could have imagined. I know that I love him perfectly and wonderfully, just as God loves me. I know everything is just fine and I'm doing it all right. That moment is pure perfection, pure joy, pure peace.

I want you to know about this moment because we are not all that different from you. We love our children. We are grateful for them. We have those perfect moments. There is another Blog out there that touts something like "we are not sad or depressed or..." And you know what? Neither are we. Yes, we have our daily struggles. But we are just thankful, and grateful, and happy to have Wyatt as a part of our family. I am happy that I get to experience perfection and love through my absolutely amazing and perfectly made Wyatt.

What's more perfect that a boy and his truck?


  1. So sweet, Becca! Wyatt is perfect, and I am so proud of you for making it known. Continue to shout it out, loud and clear, girl!