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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Luck-o-the-Irish to ya

I'm not Irish, but my kids are partly Irish. Most days I proudly claim my German English heritage, but today was different. Today was an [EXTRA]ordinary March day. It was gorgeous outside! And the City of Cincinnati was once again putting on the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. This year I was lucky enough to walk in it. The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati uses this fun, family-friendly parade to promote awareness of individuals with Down Syndrome and the association itself. It was a great day. Although my husband had to work, I walked in the parade with my kids, my Mom, my niece and nephew, sister and brother-in-law, and my Aunt-in-law Joyce and her husband, Rich. We also were joined by a group of, I'm guessing 50 people either with Down syndrome or family and friends of someone who has Down syndrome. I met new friends, saw others who I hadn't seen in a while and chatted with a few I see more frequently, like Amy, who has a little girl close to Wyatt's age. It's so nice to talk with others who understand our unique challenges (like Wyatt being 1 and still having no teeth!). This is why I love being in this new 'family' I found through the DSAGC. We get to do some really fun things together, like walking in today's parade! We got dressed up, we decorated my already green double stroller, we cheered, we waved, smiled and laughed. We sprayed lots of green silly string into the crowds (and intend on using much, much more next year). It was a perfect parade. My very first of it's kind. And, on my way to the car, an adult with Down syndrome walked up to me, put his arm around me and hugged me and, without saying a word, made my day.


Oma (my Mom) and Wyatt

Eden, me and Wyatt

Uncle Rich pushing the stroller for a while

Wyatt had too much green milk ; )

On lookers (and Amy's husband in some killer Green Corduroy pants)

My sister, Jessica (left) with her husband, Reese, and kids, me, my kids and Oma

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