Our lives became a little [EXTRA] special on February 15, 2011 in a way we never expected.

This is about our journey and the [EXTRA]ordinary people we meet along the way.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A few beautiful weekends

The weeks are splattered with ebbs and flows of panic and stress as school comes to a close. But this past week was bookended by two wonderful weekends. The laughter of my family, kids and friends is keeping me going!

First up, Easter weekend was amazing. My husband had a rare trifecta of days off in a row: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We had an Easter party, dying eggs with family, a Saturday night date at the second Red's game of the season and Easter Sunday with church service and an afternoon flying kites and putting together big wheels at my Mom's house. The weather was perfect. I haven't' had such a great weekend for a long time...

Getting ready to cross the Purple People Bridge on our date
Cousins riding Big Wheels at Mom's
Dying eggs at an Easter party thrown by Miss Polly's Playroom (photo by Pollyan Camery)
Wyatt was guarding the Easter treats (Photo by Pollyan Camery)
Eden dying eggs with Aunt Lisa (pictured) and Great Aunt Joyce (background and below)
Easter stickers on our faces! (Three generations of Scheerer women, here!)

I'm also super excited that I got to spend more time with my Ds (Down syndrome) family this weekend! I love both my groups: the the East-side Moms group and the (Extra)Ordinary EO Friends group for different reasons.

The East-side Moms group is special because they have Mom's of kids of varying ages. There's women who have been-there-done-that. They are great to lead and gently support us newer Moms and the cycles goes on. Additionally, all these Mom's live in my general area of town. Which means I could meet them at the park, see them at the grocery store or just chat about the great new shop or restaurant nearby.

The 2011 birth club group, EO Friends, is unique because they all have kiddos about Wyatt's age. Apparently the DSAGC is excited about this new group and called us "trailblazers!" The Mom's in this group are going through similar challenges or therapies and we can use each other to bounce ideas off of or chat about how to do something best. And sometimes just vent about that person who just asked me if my 14 month old is 6 months old (in their defense, Wyatt is small).

BOTH groups are great because, besides having our one [EXTRA] chromosome in common, we find we have so much more as our friendships grow and progress. I love the diversity because there's all types of families and kids (both with and without Ds).

Saturday was the first meeting of the EO Friends group. We got together at our friend Leesha's house. It was so fun! We all just plopped the babies in the middle of her family room, took our shoes off and sat around and noshed on dips, chips, fruit and a fabulous punch (Leesha won't share the recipe, boo! haha). There were 7 of us and it was a really lovely afternoon, albeit pouring down rain. My sinus headache kicked into high gear as I left and forewent shopping for an afternoon of watching The Lion King with Eden and Wyatt.

Sunday was the East-side Mom's Group. We had a local photographer ask if she could do mini portrait sessions of our group with our kids for free in exchange for her using them in her Mother's Day marketing. We gathered at our friend Lisa's house (which is GORG), right on a golf course and thankfully the weather did a 180. We all had our time with the photog and our kids were hanging out and playing and adults chatting and having a mid-afternoon mini-glass of wine. It was a beautiful day and Trisha, our photographer, captured some [EXTRA]ordinary moments.

Here's a link to her website: Photography Inspired by TLC

But a few of our previews are below. She shot 19 Moms and kids in a day!

Me and my Wyatt: PURE JOY!

Emily with her twins, Nora (top) and Katie

Kelly and Shawn

Lisa, Jack and Vaughn (sitting)

Melissa with Lillianne (top) and Violet

Tika with Leightyn (toddler) and Bayli
Tell me about your [EXTRA]ordinary support group, friends or family that helps you do all that you do! I could have never maneuvered this last year without the support of the amazing women in my groups!

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